I didn’t see it coming


It happened again.

I didn’t see it coming.

On my drive to work this morning, I felt happy.


What could have caused this condition?

Oh, I don’t know.

Maybe it’s because my kids slept from 8:00 pm until 7:30 am. And since I dropped off at 9:43, woke what felt like ten minutes later when my alarm sounded at 6:02, turned it off and slept till 7, I did some fancy math and found out I slept more than eight hours straight!

After a full day, I crashed into a beautiful suspension of consciousness. In the process I experienced a total of zero dreams, zero nightmares, zero wake-up calls, and zero attempts to stop partner from snoring. This is no mean feat in our house.

As my eldest would say, “yeah baby!

Maybe it’s because the past two days have been sunnyblueskiesgloriouslyspringlike and the sun is still shining on a Monday!

Last month was so rainy that the 50th anniversary of a traditional Easter Egg hunt was cancelled because the fields where kids search for eggs and parents search for parking spots were drenched and deemed unsafe. Along with the grass, my spirit sunk during the dampness of March. It was so depressing. I fully confess to being a big grump about the weather.

But when the sensation of joy returns – what power it has to change the way I approach a day! It feels so indulgent. What made it come back?

Maybe it’s because I had this fragrant, oversized glass of wine last night after the kids finally went to sleep. The wine tasted delicious but was made even more so knowing I was imbibing an unexpected birthday gift from two of my dearest friends in the world. I knew the bottle was selected with love and goodness, and that makes me happy. I drank the wine with my husband and another cherished friend and that makes me happy, too.

Fellow oenophiles, you can find this bottle of Zinfandel from Bella Winery of Sonoma County, and you should, because it tastes like pepper and blackberries, and it’s made from dark lush grapes that knew sunshine.

And rain.

Despite the Happy Easter greetings and photos, yesterday was not really such a fantastic day, you see.

It was actually a very long day during which we had to tirelessly break up fights between brothers who can bring one another to tears in a heartbeat and then dissolve into silly giggles moments afterwards. We were in constant motion, beginning with a living room egg hunt in which the boys broke their fast with jelly beans – which, by the way, were really invented as a critical negotiation tool for parents – and which, also, cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar that crash unless more beans are immediately procured – and thus, inevitably cause great distress in the end for all involved parties.

The day included soccer in the park, backyard climbing, egg hunting, mashed potato making and splinter removing. You can guess which was least fun.

I resolve to procure no more jellybeans.

Well, at least not until Easter 2013.

But maybe happiness showed up because in the midst of yesterday’s busy holiday dinner preparations, I looked outside to see my dog stretched out in the sunshine and he was smiling. And if you know my Labrador, then you know he tends to look sad with his dark, noble eyes.

Maybe, just maybe, this unexpected feeling of joy and light arrived on the scene for some of these reasons. Or for no reason at all.

It is welcome to stay for a while.